Awaited Sunrise (Breathing Room Book 3)

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breathing room

“Breathing Room” is that haven of rest that lies between the pains of our past, and the pressing fears of an uncertain future. Inside this elusive cleft in the rocks is found shelter from the howling winds of life’s daily struggles.

Breathing Room Novel Series

Part 1 – “Muddy Beginnings” finds the Christopher family in a typically quiet life….or so they thought. Nestled in his quiet boyhood town of Stratford, New Jersey during the 1960’s, Jack Christopher hoped that he had finally found for his wife and house full of boys, the peace that had so abandoned him in his own boyhood.

Towering unseen above the Christophers, a wave of unrelenting misfortune and heartache comes crashing down upon them, calling into question long held values, devotion to each other, faith, and what must be done to survive.

“Muddy Beginnings” begins the saga of a family fighting to survive, and stay together.
It is a no-holds–barred view of each family member’s individual fight to break through to the surface.

Part 2 – “Fragile Hope” chronicles not only compounding new troubles that beset Jack, Patricia, and their boys, but also the impact of those pressures that threaten to tear apart the very fabric of the family. Nothing is certain any longer. Convention, long held values, and traditions seem lost. As they fight just to survive day to day, must they abandon all that makes life worth living? This is not just the Christopher’s story. It is the story of countless American families doing their best to endure hardships until a brighter day dawns.

Part 3 – “Awaited Sunrise” continues this page turner to its thunderous conclusion. You will become part of this family as they face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Along the way, discover those practical jokes, tender moments, and crazy events that make up those stories passed on to the next generation.

Muddy Beginnings, Fragile Hope, and Awaited Sunrise promise to redefine the struggling American family. It’s REAL…it’s RAW…and a beacon of hope through the window of the human spirit. Come, take a deep breath…and breathe…


 steven langeAUTHOR STEVEN LANGE is no stranger to life’s challenges. One of six boys, he was raised in poverty. Steven himself suffered a stroke, had open heart surgery, and melanoma. Most of his adult life was spent at the bottom looking up. Whether this was the reality, or conjecture makes little difference; the end result is the same. He survived several near-death events during twenty four harrowing hours on Long Beach Island, New Jersey when Hurricane Sandy made landfall in 2012.

Steven considers himself a blessed survivor in many respects. These life events have shaped a raw, unpretentious style of writing that questions our moral codes, survival mechanisms, and perceptions of who God is, in a way that sugarcoats nothing. His lifelong search to understand contentment has culminated in Steven’s breakout Miniseries novel, Breathing Room.

His mission is to serve as an advocate for MS patients, struggling families, and children left to live outside of social circle.

Steven lives on Long Beach Island, New Jersey with Dianne, his lovely wife of over twenty five years. They have two grown children, Jessica, and Daniel.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great series

This book brought all of the pieces of the other two books to a logical end. Between the three books, there were several disappointments. Not with the book, rather with what the characters endured. I felt I was a part of the book. As if I was the brother not mentioned or a close family friend that was there along side the Christophers. Very well written. I look forward to Mr Lange’s next book. This is one you won’t want to stop reading. From the first page of the first book, to the end of the third, you’ll certainly be enthralled as I was. His scene description made me feel that I was there, seeing every detail through the author’s words. I highly recommend reading all three books in order. You will not be disappointed.  -Mark Pipet


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome story he makes the reader really fall in love …, June 28, 2014

Awesome story he makes the reader really fall in love with the characters and feel for each of them. Love all 3 books, great choice on the titles and covers! Cannot wait for your next book!!!   -Crystal


5.0 out of 5 stars Awaited Sunrise , thankfully the sun rises every morning!

Awaited Sunrise , I too know this journey all too well . I have fallen in love spiritually and emotionally with the Christopher family , each one of you have touched my soul. You have renewed in me a greater strength and faith for whatever the future holds for my 3 sons and my husband who has MS . Thank you for sharing your lives with me. God bless all our families.  -Cheryl Skinner


5.0 out of 5 stars Through challenges come victories

What a harrowing experience Steve! Your writing is riveting and your personal and spiritual resolve beyond measure. Thanks for giving us a bird’s eye view of your challenges and victories.


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