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Dan and Jennifer Digmann

Authors Dan and Jennifer DigmannThrough sharing their stories, Dan and Jennifer Digmann demonstrate two very different faces of Multiple Sclerosis. Jennifer and and Dan both have MS and combined, we have taken on this chronic illness for nearly 30 years. Jennifer was diagnosed in 1997; Dan was diagnosed in 2000. She has secondary-progressive MS and no longer walks. His is relapsing-remitting and he's training to run a 10K race. They met at a National Multiple Sclerosis Society event in 2002, were married in 2005 and are continuing to live happily ever after.


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Book Reviews


You will fall in love with Jennifer and Dan!

By Amy C.
A heartwarming and inspiring tale of an ordinary, yet extrodinary couple living with MS. The book takes you through almost every emotion there is as they blog about their daily battles and triumphs so many of us take for granted. A must read for everybody with or without Multipe Sclerosis!

A must read!

By J. Prewitt
This is a book that gives such a real perspective on really living in today's world to those with or without MS. It shows that living with MS has-to put it lightly-ups and downs. Jennifer and Dan's drive and passion to never give up is truly a win against the devasting affects MS.

Great read!

By A. Goodman

You will love this inspiring story of two people brought together by ms. Buy the book today to hear their tale and support a great cause, a cure for ms.

Great inspirational book!

By Stacy
Really great, fun book to read. I found these snapshots of their daily life to be interesting and encouraging. You really get a feel for some of the challenges those living with MS encounter on a day-to-day basis. What is most enjoyable about this book is discovering how Dan and Jennifer navigate through these challenges, and live a fufilling life most (with or without MS) never attain. The book is easy to read, creativly written and broken up into short sections making it easy to stop and start, which is nice if you are like me and have little time for reading. Enjoy!

Inspirational, moving and heartfelt

By Carla J. Gates
This book is a relevant read for anybody! Those that may feel like they have a reason to be down because things may not be going their way soon learn that they are not alone with their challenges. Jen and Dan show us all how to deal with challenges and adversity with strength, passion, humor, and love. My excuses for not working out seemed awfully lame when I read about how hard they have to prepare just to be able to enjoy a work out opportunity. You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly you will learn, and isn't that what living is all about?

This book is amazing...

by KAT

about a couple who both share the neurological disorder, Multiple Sclerosis. Is a very truthful, loving book. Filled with good helpful thoughts and feelings. A GOOD read.

Inspirational for all!

by Dawn A.

Whether you have MS or not, this book is a fantastic read for everyone who lives life. It makes you really look at your own struggles and the fact that there is always a silver lining. It all depends on you and the lens with which you choose to look at your own life. Despite MS, to Spite MS is inspirational, heartfelt, humorous, serious, and honest. This is a MUST read for all!



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