Healing What’s Eating You



Healing What’s Eating You




Healing What’s Eating You

Since 1999 Rev. Ke’ala Vai has successfully helped many women heal at Aloha Healing Women on the Big Island of Hawaii. Knowing that it would be impossible to reach the vast number of people who need help on their path of healing, she has put what has worked for others into Healing What’s Eating You. This holistic protocol works for people with eating disorders, abuse issues, grief, weight concerns, emotional and physical illnesses and for those seeking a spiritual path of awakening. Included are self help workshops on Aromatherapy, Complete Cellular Mental Alignments, Crystal Therapy, DYNAMIND, Food Combining for weight loss and management, Ke’ala Kards of Positive thinking, Neural Lingual Programming, Reflexology, Reiki and Stress reduction. Illnesses such as – Abuse, Eating Disorders, Depression, Negative Energies and clearings and Poisons that effect you, are discussed. Alternative methods of healing such as Acupuncture, Dream Analysis, Exercise, Hypnotherapy, Massage and Pet Therapy are explained as options that you might want to explore. Most importantly this book teaches you how your thinking effects every arena of your life. The sections on Manifesting, Prayer, Ke’ala Kards and Spirituality show you how to take your healing path into your own hands. Your thoughts create your reality. No one can heal you, but you and the powers that be. By honoring and learning the lessons from your challenges, you can release them to be free to enjoy a life full of harmony, peace and happiness. Begin your healing now by opening this book.

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Author Rev. Keala Vai Noel

-“Healing What’s Eating You”
-“Dream Analysis Handbook: The Evolutionary Guide to Understanding Dreams”
-“Experiencing Life After Death A Soul Journey”
-“Talking to the Living and the Dead- Soul to Soul Communications”

Rev. Keala Vai Noel is the founder of the not for profit organization The Kalana Foundation and has been the director of the holistic healing project -Aloha Healing Retreats since 1999. She is a licensed Hawaii Massage therapist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master in Usui, Seikim and Karuna practices. She is an accomplished aromatherapist with over healing formulas provided through her company Keala Aromatherapy. Keala is also highly practiced in reflexology, food combining, crystal therapy, complete cellular mind and body alignments,

dream analysis, stress reduction, clear mind pure heart therapy, palm reading and does intuitive reading using a method handed down to her from a Hawaiian seer.

These books are based on her experiences during her fourteen years of holistic practice operating the Aloha Healing Retreats. Aloha Healing Retreats offer intensive recovery programs for abuse, eating issues, emotional problems, grief, life crisis, physical concerns, weight management and for spiritual awakening.

In addition to the Holistic Retreat programs Keala offers phone and Skype sessions for those who can not make it to Hawaii.

She loves to paint when she has time and produced the art work seen on her book covers. She loves to dig crystal in Arkansas, fish anywhere and teach and share what she has learned on her holistic healing and spiritual journey.

Author’s Website:  HealthRetreats.info

 Rev. Keala Vai’s Blog:  journeysthrugrief

 Interview with Rev. Keala Vai




“Dream Analysis Handbook: The evolutionary guide to understanding dreams”
-“Healing What’s Eating You”
“Experiencing Life After Death: A Soul Journey that everyone should take”
-“Talking to the Living and the Dead: How to communicate with other conscious being”







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