A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous and Humorous Journey Through Dementia

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Finalist in the Best New Non-Fiction category of the 2012 USA Book Award; USABookNews.com

Honorable Mention Finalist in Non-Fiction in the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival

It is extremely difficult to watch a loved one decline as dementia ravages his or her mind, robbing him or her of memory, thinking abilities, and judgment. In her touching memoir, I Will Never Forget, Elaine C. Pereira shares the sometimes heartbreaking and occasionally humorous story of her mother’s journey through dementia, as seen through the eyes of her little girl.

Pereira begins by offering entertaining glimpses into her own childhood and feisty teenage years. Through it all, Pereira shares how her mom’s unconditional love and creative parenting style helped mold an opinionated young woman into a resourceful adult who eventually would move mountains on her mother’s behalf. As Betty Ward slowly begins to wander down the dark and narrow corridors of Alzheimer’s, Pereira details her mother’s amazing ability to mask the truth until something as innocuous as a drapery rod suddenly launches a waterfall of events. As their roles shift and a new paradigm forms, Pereira transforms into a caregiver who blindly navigates dementia’s unpredictable haze while her mother orchestrates Houdini-like disappearances and surprisingly rallies to take charge of her own destiny.

I Will Never Forget shares a powerful, emotional story that can help people affected by dementia take comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

 Winner for the 2013 Indie Excellence Book Awards in the Aging Category







Author Elaine PereiraElaine Pereira:

Occupational Therapist, Author
Caregiver Extraordinaire
A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan Elaine
and  her  husband Joseph now  live  in  South
Eastern Michigan. Together they have 5 adult
children and 6 grandchildren.


Pereira is a licensed and registered occupational therapist.  For most of her professional career, she serviced special needs children in the school setting. She has also worked many years in Home Health Care, hospitals and in private practice. Pereira earned her BS in Occupational Therapy from Wayne State University in 1974 and a Master of Arts in 1980


        In addition to actually living the incredible drama and sometimes humorous journey with her mother through Dementia, Pereira is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Dementia Caregiver.


        Years of travel opportunities have taken Pereira to Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, most of Europe, Israel, Canada and much of the United States.   She enjoys golf, handcrafts, cooking,  and gardening.


Author's Website: IWillNeverForgetBook.com      




Heartache of a loved one with dementia


"I Will Never Forget" is the true story of an aging woman with dementia, as told by her daughter.

Betty Ward was a strong woman. During her lifetime, she buried her infant son, her husband and her other son. Now her time was coming. Her daughter, Elaine, wrote this story very well. It is very difficult watching someone you love have their memory erased slowly. Luckily for Elaine, she had the wonderful support of her husband and family.

Some of her chapters start with Betty as a child, then the same type of situation, but later on in life. Other chapters are pieces of childhood memories as told by some of Betty's friends. Everyone loved Betty, and she had a great network of doctors and professionals who cared for her and wanted the best treatment for her.

As someone who also had a family member with dementia, it can be very frustrating at times. You feel you are constantly repeating the same things over and over. You tend to ignore the early warning signs, even though others are giving you glimpses of what is happening when you are not around. You chalk things up to stress, aging and other factors of life.

Written through the eyes of her daughter, it is one person's journey through the good times and the bad. Hopefully you will find some humor along the difficult path, and know that you are not alone, others have gone through this terrible disease of the mind.



Great Read!

I Will Never Forget, by Elaine Pereira, is a touching story of how a daughter dealt with life having a mother with dementia. Pereira really allows her audience to get right into the mother-daughter journey, and makes it feel like you were there experiencing the whole thing with them. It is a very warm and heartfelt journey. The story will take you through a roller coaster of emotions while you see the joy that they share, as well as the pain that they experience! You will laugh, you will cry, and you will feel just outright frustrated with this illness that shows no end.

Great job to Pereira for sharing this lovely story. By letting her audience into this part of her life, she sets herself apart from other authors. She allows us to experience this wonderful journey that she went through and it's definitely one worth reading! I would recommend this book to any and everyone!"

-Tiffany L. Davis



A loving tribute

By mochalove
There is nothing like the pain from losing a loved one especially a parent but to bear witness to the slow destructive affliction of Dementia is more than painful it is agonizing. I Will Never Forget by Elaine C. Pereira is a memoir of her mother's long-suffering through the disease. This book is a beautiful and lovingly written tribute to the author's mother, Betty Ward. This book documents the slow debilitation of her mother because of the onset of Dementia.
Described as a beautiful, independent, organized, and meticulous woman, Betty Ward left her family and friends with many warm memories, which are very well portrayed in this book. She lovingly cared for her family, was full of life, generous and very creative. However, because of the onset of Dementia, those qualities became distant memories as she spiraled downward further into the disease. This was not a disease that struck quickly it happened slowly progressing over time. Betty struggled with the symptoms and at times became almost unrecognizable to her family as it affected both her personality and physical appearance. Over the years her bouts of sporadic loss of memory, faulty judgment, and off kilter remarks, bursts of anger, paranoia, and inability to care for herself became increasingly noticeable by her family especially her daughter. Early on, the signs of her disease were noticeable but did not occur to those around her that something was wrong with her.This memoir well written, it is written in a comfortable tone that makes it an easy read, it is filled with endearing stories and anecdotes from friends and family much of it told from Elaine's perspective. The chapters in the book alternate between past and present allowing the reader to witness, as those around her did the symptoms and the progression of the disease. In addition, the format of the book allows the reader to see who Betty really was. The incidences presented in the book are humorous, confusing, sad and just downright tear jerking but overall this book is an excellent read especially for those that may be going through a similar situation with a loved one. I highly recommend this book as a great read but a word of warning you will need a box of tissues.







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