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Please, check out Author A.K. Nowak's amazing with Audio Interview above!  Also featured on video on

Author Aleksandra K. Nowak was born on 23 rd December 1982, in communist Poland.  Her mother worked in a mental hospital and her father in the Building Industry.  Aleksandra's parents divorced when she was 2 years old, then her house burnt at age 7.  She thought she lost everything.

Although, Aleksandra was raised as a Jehovah Witness, she decided to leave the Kingdom Hall, at age 17.   She completed a three year course in Gardening Trade School and a private evening school for adults. She moved to Scotland in 2003 and attended Basil Patterson College in 2006.

A.K Nowak was working as a Stewardess for two major airlines back in 2008 to 2009 and has traveled to 20 Countries.  After living in England for 9 years she moved to Canada.  She has 3 kids and has been married since 2013 and wrote and publish her first book Lily of the Valley.











This biography is one good example of a brave an excellent expose of a person's struggle in life, and her determination to achieve her goal in improving her life condition. I greatly admire people with courage and determination. Jun & Lina
I usually don't read books but this book I could not put down. A very good read, so many heart breaking incidents that took place that no child should never have to go through. From all the events that took place in her life especially at such a young age shows that she's strong and can overcome anything. So inspiring.
Excellent read. Very touching story of what a young girl had to endure during her childhood but it's made her who she is today and glad she can now talk about it and share her story with others. Recommended 100%.
Wow, what an inspiring book! There are so many important messages in these pages. It was an excellent read and a thought-provoking story, impossible to put down! Thank you to the author for sharing their story and their talent.
Very good read but very sad! Breaks your heart reading of what this wee girl had to go through in her life. Very detailed and changes your opinion about the religious people. Highly recommend!
Lily-Of-The-Valley I read this book and I cant stress enough how amazing of a read it was. The Author takes you to another world with the detail she has put in. You can tell she put her heart and soul into it. I've read many many books in my life and this one made it my favorite top 3!
I read this book over a weekend and was blown away by the real life story. This young woman survived so many hardships, abuse, and secular religion. You would think family would only want the best for you - it isn't always the case. But the end is a real triumph over adversity. I couldn't put the book down!
An amazing story about how hope for a better future can keep you alive even through the hardest times in your life. Makes you want to pick up your kids and hold them and love them even more.

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