The blanket of Azure blue sky, the Orange Reds of sunsets, or pale Mauve Violet heralding another brilliant sunrise these are gifts from the Universe that when gazed upon we find ourselves stunned by such beauty that no man has been able to create by himself

The question will always arise how or who?

Is there another reality? Another pathway where we might find ourselves in another place of incredible beauty, the question arises where and how do we get there? What means of travel do we need to reach this place?

Within my travels especially within the South Pacific Rim I have encountered such wonders that I felt compelled to write about them. My main ambition was to visit and encounter the folk at the unknown places that tourist’s pass by without a backward glance, eager to get to the main tourism spot that is well-advertised on pretty postcards or glossy magazines.

This novel is about the unusual, where we have also stopped off at roadside camp spots, the not so famous pretty page advertising but for a peaceful night’s sleep for a weary traveller, there you meet the most wonderful people who do the most interesting things with their lives, they travel all over the country, they swap experiences around a camp fire at night while settling their weary bones. For those of you who think a caravaner has a quite easy life you are wrong it is fraught with laughter, comradeship, hard work, and a can do attitude.

We have been fortunate to be included amongst them and listened to their travels, troubles, laughing and crying with them. It is also about finding good friends in the strangest places.

This novel not only includes a caravan trip around New Zealand and the places I have been and the Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) I have had the privilege to meet but a chance to describe the unusual and extraordinary in every situation, it’s about the fun and laughter on our trips around the massive wide endless wonderful land of Australia.

I wrote this book to bring these people to you the reader, to let you read for yourself of this huge world we live in. So many photos taken that they would fill a book by themselves, so a journey of words was planned, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it, I also hope that it will encourage you the reader to travel in whatever Metal Mermaid of your choice

Tara had an easy life she knows it, loves it and is grateful for it, till Russ her husband comes home from working up North in the Mines,after  a spot of being unwell he decides  he wants to be a Grey Nomad. Tara is not so sure to leave all her friends, family, home. community but agrees to join him for a little while, the little while becomes months. Tara learns to love being on the road, meeting and greeting so many people. Suddenly the spot of bad health for Russ becomes fatal, Tara is devastated now re learning to do it all for herself on and off the road, but she has been given a small taste of freedom that lingers after Russ's funeral. Tara meets another female wanderer, who with her stories of New Zealand wets Tara’s appetite for more travel. Her travel companion proves difficult, but Tara is now on another road of growth, strength, love, exciting travel, danger and new friends who slowly become her extended family , when Tara finally returns to Perth in Australia she is a changed women, one who knows who she is, once home to her little family that eagerly await her return Tara starts to write a novel called the Cuppa Tree.

Note:- Cuppa Tree is a sequel to Metal Mermaid not yet in eBook.






Author Kez Wickham St George

 About Author Kez Wickham St George

  Kez has written two novels, Tariku and Metal Mermaid plus a fully illustrated children's story called the Nana Tree, her joy is passing on what a wonderful world we all live in, to acknowledge the bad times, roll with the bumps & smile on the days when life sits just right. Her loves in life are many and varied, her passions are travel, her family, garden, painting, writing, reading great books,movies, meeting friends, having spontaneous dinner parties to celebrate as Kez chooses to celebrate her life her on Planet earth. That’s not to say she has not had her sorrows, having had Polio in her younger years, Now in her early senior years, she deals daily with the damage Post Polio has caused in her muscles. Kez writes and publishes her novels as eBooks with Amazon and Autharium,is a popular Artist of 3-D Abstract Acrylic, most days will find her either in her beloved garden, or in her workshop creating or dreaming up another creation or story. A passion for were she resides and her community is very important to her, a strong belief in Self and being who you were meant to be is her mantra. Kez has been married for 37 years, and lived and travelled to many places all adding to the experience of her books, two daughters and one wonderful grandson.

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