MS Madness

Author Yvonne deSousa

Author Yvonne deSousa

Author Yvonne deSousa

            Yvonne deSousa has worked as a street sweeper, a shell seller, a babysitter, a candy peddler, and a guest house manager, all before the age of sixteen. Later on she worked as a waitress, sales clerk, library assistant, victim’s advocate, and at the front desk of a doctor’s office.

Two years before Yvonne’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a relative volunteered her to write an article for a local newspaper.  Little did she know it was the beginning of a writing career.

When MS threatened to turn her into a lunatic, she started writing more frequently and quickly discovered that writing about the insanity that is MS was helping to keep her sane.

Her work has appeared on, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding My Faith and Something On Our Minds, Volumes 1 and 2.  Yvonne also writes a weekly blog on, the website that uses a giggle stick to beat up on MS.  Since finishing MS Madness! A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis, she has started presenting programs designed to help others use humor to help cope with chronic illness.

Yvonne enjoys writing, laughing, and resting.  She lives by her personal motto, “my MS is not your MS and your MS is weird!” Contact her at



MS madnessMS Madness! 

A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis


                  Yvonne deSousa’s diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis came with an insightful declaration from a new doctor (“MS Sucks”) and a brother’s helpful advice (“You could totally get one of those handicapped parking plates now”).

                  What followed was a year of MS-adventures: “accidentally” kicking an officious male doctor in the crotch, becoming an undercover agent to pay for medication made from Chinese hamster ovary cells, discovering the amazing effects of legal speed, and battling her arch-nemesis, the dreaded food group-vegetables.

Throughout her MS journey, Yvonne learned how to use humor to find acceptance in her diagnosis and how to smile in the face of chronic illness.  Life with multiple sclerosis can be daunting, but Yvonne shares her giggles at the bizarre world she has unwittingly entered and the new perspectives it has given her on life.  MS Madness! makes us realize that with a sense of humor, we can survive anything.

“MS Madness!  A ‘Giggle More, Cry Less’ Story of Multiple Sclerosis combines defiance with humor, the secret weapon of the sick.  Laughter has carried me a greater distance than conventional medicine ever will.  In the end, attitude drives well being.”   

-Richard M. Cohen, NY Times best-selling author of Blindsided and Strong at the Broken Places




It will make you smile, maybe even laugh out loud!,

This story revolves around the writer's first year after her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She faces challenges - good, bad, ugly and sometimes even funny. It is a honest story of one persons journey. Every persons journey with MS is different, but Ms. DeSousa helps understand some of the symptoms and struggles someone may face. As the spouse of someone with MS, I enjoyed reading her journey. The book is not all doom and gloom, there are many humorous stories. When my spouse was diagnosed there were not any stories like this to read. There were only medical books, it would have been nice to have a real account of someone's experiences. Heidi Dyer "Beachwench"  


Laugh at yourself.

I really enjoyed this book, I will recommend it to my MS team. It really made me feel better about my situation.  -gwendolyn buchanan


Loved it!!

This was a fantastic debut book by Yvonne deSousa. She is an inspiration. This book is important: if you know someone with MS, have MS or even if you don't-it is full of humor, wisdom and love. I look forward to reading more books by this author. -muddog (Harrington, ME United States) 


First year madness!

This book brought back memories of my first year with MS. The really strange part is because of the nature of the disease, some of the craziness does not end after that first year. While everyone handles that first year differently, that feeling of not being in control is familiar. It doesn't end after the first year. It was worthwhile to see that she dealt only with that time frame. I would recommend this book to anyone who deals with this disease. Parts of it may depress the reader; but the ending makes it a worth while read.  Liz Beck 


Educational with a touch of humor!

Not knowing much about multiple sclerosis, I was interested to read Yvonne's story. Her humorous writing and heartfelt emotions about her chronic illness kept me turning the pages. It's a good read for anyone facing an illness. ES #2 


Loved every page

I have read almost the entire book since I started it last night!!! So well written, each page flows into the next and keeps me wanting more.... so heart warmingly funny and so very REAL!!!!!!! I have had such a hard time putting it down and know I am going to be so sad when I turn the last page!!!! 5 stars Yvonne!!!!! It is going to be huge!!!!!!  Heather Fair 


Very good humorous reality read !

For those of you with MS, or even a chronic illness, that have stacks of books and info you should read piled up in the corner for over a year, this is the book for you! Yvonne writes a very frank look at herself and MS with an excellent twist of humor throughout. It is not preachy in the way it actually imparts helpful information. Rather she writes about her struggles and pitfalls during diagnosis of MS and the subsequent fallout. Whether it be dealing with disability insurance or personal relationships, there are useful tools and information through out to help you get through some of the issues people with chronic illness face. On top of that, Yvonne writes with tongue in cheek humor and honesty that will find you drawing parallels between yourself and the author's struggles. Leann Soderberg (Yarmouthport, MA United States)


very informative

Not having MS myself but having a dear friend who does I wanted to know more about this disease. This book was terrific she tells you in a funny way about the ups and downs of dealing with MS, I now have more understanding of what my friend deals with.  SerenaMurphy 













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