Multiple Sclerosis, Melanoma and More is a sequel to the original book, Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma. Many readers of the first book asked to read more about the lives of the characters in that book. Questions asked were "What happened next? Did your choice of no medication for MS help you or harm you? How did Melanoma fit in with MS? How is your retirement affected by having two major conditions? How has this changed your life? Are you still living happily ever after?" In an effort to answer these questions and more, honestly, a daily journal was kept, recording both physical events and emotional changes. Financial considerations, family relationships, social obligations and friendships were all a part of the journal, as were local and world events. The journal acted both as a reflective device for the author, and a vehicle for keeping family and friends updated without intrusive emails. It existed first as a blog, open to those who wished to read it anonymously. It has now become a book, the second in a series. These books will continue to grow as the second half of Terry's life takes place in the new millennium.









Author Terry Crawford Palardy

Author Terry Crawford Palardy

Author Terry Crawford Palardy

After working for several years at the elementary school in many special and general education positions, and teaching briefly as an adjunct faculty member at Lesley College Graduate School, I moved on to the middle school years, where I taught all core subjects in all three grades. While doing that, I wrote a semi-annual Academics and Education column for the international Phi Kappa Phi Forum, a quarterly multi-disciplinary professional journal for members of the oldest public honor society, of which I am a member.

I also worked as an election poll worker for town elections and as a teller for town meeting tallies during these years of teaching. For at least two decades I welcomed voters and their children to ballot boxes; in time those children themselves became voters with youngsters in tow. After thirty years of public school teaching, I have retired and have many stories to tell.

I make lap sized quilts, often writing stories behind the quilts or the people receiving them. I help my husband with his Wooden Toy and Gift shop. We have been married for over forty years, and are now living our dream of retirement. Each of these settings provides a wealth of story lines yet to be developed.

The middle child of nine children born during the baby boom, I'm now a mother of two grown children. I have two teen-aged grandchildren, countless nieces and nephews, grand-nieces and -nephews, and dozens of cousins. But in this very large family, I alone carry the label of a PWMS - Person with Multiple Sclerosis. That belated diagnosis brought inevitable change and challenge, and offers many scenarios deserving of its own story.

The number and genre of books I will offer here will grow and widen in time. I invite you to share this page with your family and friends, and watch for those stories to be published here.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm happy to write stories for you. I invite you to leave a message in the space below, where you can raise a question, start a discussion, or review my books.

I'm honored that you have an interest in my work. And if I may, I would like to recommend another Amazon author's book that addresses the topic of Multiple Sclerosis as a subplot: her name is Lauren Jaroslow Grossman, and her book is titled Once in Every Generation.

On second thought, you may just want to search the title under Books :-)
Terry P.







 A thinking person

By Paul Janson
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This is a quick read which holds one's interest,and it is a very helpful follow up to the last book featuring Terry and Rick. It is not an educational book about either multiple sclerosis or malignant melanoma but rather a very personal chronicle of living with chronic disease and facing medical challenges . It is written by an insightful and thinking person who displays both vulnerability and strength . She triumphs in spirit if not in body.



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