No One Left

Dead.  That one little word is what is going to mark the importance of his life.  Until then, his life had no meaning.  Except now, with his single death, he will start a chain reaction.

The research was complete and the selective group chosen.  The scientists developed a way for the virus to die once it moved through the host’s blood system.

The plan is perfect, even if it may seem inhumane.  Just remember those chosen have lived their lives to the fullest already.

Soon, this elite group of four men will put a plan in motion that will significantly reduce the nation’s deficit.





About Author Mary Reason Theriot

I have found that writing is great therapy for my own personal fight against MS.  Being a Louisiana native I wanted to write books about places in Louisiana that would piqué interest in my beautiful and unique state. My books take place in my home state and draw the reader in with the diverse culture, characters, and locations. It is my hope that my readers not only enjoy the books I have written, but also develop a desire to experience the unique culture that only Louisiana has to offer!




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No one left

I enjoyed Mary's book so much, couldn't put it down!! I love a great medical story with Dr's & nurses & now even the President of the United States of America!! Wow!!  -KATHY (BLANCHARD, LA, UNITED STATES) 

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