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Lisa Brown is an Australian writer and author. In her book 'One Tiny Bite at a Time' she shares her challenges with Multiple Sclerosis and her quest for a fabulous and healthy life! She shares with her readers the positive effects on this condition that she achieved through food and nutrition, and she weaves in her personal experiences and real-life lessons which led to her decision to travel to Panama to undergo stem cell therapy. Lisa's words are heard as if she were speaking with you, she is not only from “down under”, she is also very practical and down to earth.

Lisa is now dedicated to the improvement of people's lives through education with a strong emphasis on holistic health and food as medicine. She also advocates for the boundless potential of Stem Cell Research. Lisa is the first Australian to receive this groundbreaking Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama. She has personally seen outstanding results with the choices she made, whilst directing her own wellness path. She insists that being able to reverse the effects of this debilitating disease requires more attention to cell health.

In sharing this journey Lisa offers information that will help others to change their lives in a very positive way. In her next book ,due to be in print later this year, Lisa will go further into her ongoing learning of the importance of nutrition for cell health, her personal growth, and her reasons for a second visit to Panama for treatment. During that visit to the Institute Lisa was instrumental in the changing of the protocol for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients at this world leading Stem Cell destination, Panama City, Panama.


*Lisaʼs open attitude to life is displayed clearly throughout this book. I appreciate how she shares not only the challenge of disease diagnoses but the associated challenges of life - if that wasnʼt enough we have the side order of delicious healthy recipes to keep us going.

Lisa shares her life in the hope of inspiring others to review all of the options available to them. We donʼt have to be sick to benefit from ʻone tiny bite at a timeʼ it is a real life adventure and we are all invited to buckle up for the ride.

Julia Telling APE Sydney



*I met Lisa Brown nearly 10 years ago through a ‘make my day’ radio program that welcomed her kind florist donations and creations. Even then she displayed an enthusiastic compassion and a sense of responsibility to help others.

Lisa is still on the journey to help others, though now through her own health challenges with MS.

This book has highlighted her innate enthusiasm and tenacity to ‘leave no stone unturned’ when it comes to living a happy life in Good Health , sharing shards of laughter on the way, with her whole heart and soul.

I love that she writes as she speaks. Down to earth, easy to read. She is one inspiring lady with a big story to tell and she’s by no way backward in coming forward in helping others to live their dreams and try and crush this horrendous disease.

Thank you Lisa Brown for ‘making a positive difference’ in many lives and connecting the dots to help conquer MS.

I think Lisa’s motto should be (MS ‘Must Smile’) in the face of adversity….because through all the acute pain, heartbreaks, medical trials and tribulations that Lisa faced she ‘SMILES’.

I look forward to reading more Chapters in the Life of Lisa Brown.

Jo Watts - Como




*‘One Tiny Bite At A Time’ by Lisa Brown is a delightful and inspiring story of determination, courage and hope.

Written with Lisa's sense of humour and wit which helps to portray her personal journey from MS diagnoses to health while enlightening the reader about the options of alternative stem cell treatment for MS and promoting good nutrition as ‘natural medicine’. There are also many tips and yummy recipes to help all of us lead a healthy lifestyle. This is a story that could happen to any one of us. Enjoy and learn.


Bullcreek- Australia



*Lisa An inspiring read to any person needing the OK to believe in their decisions to take their own path. The book shows that " the norm" is not always right for them... And it IS your choice to make . An amazing woman that has shared her tale with us all. Proud of you

Kelly Mandurah,




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