Potty Mouth



A Woman Disabled with Multiple Sclerosis Bravely Meets Life's Challenges with Courage, Wisdom, and a Profane Sense of Humor.

Renae Clare has lived with the devastating disease, multiple sclerosis, including paralysis, depression and fatigue for over 40 years. This deeply personal account, Potty Mouth, was written as a series of essays after each of her psychotherapy sessions. Her therapist, Dr. Cinzia LeValds recommended putting the writings all together into book form feeling that Renae's completely open and honest voice would help a great many people. Renae has dealt with abuse, with loss, with aging and her disability with multiple sclerosis. Renae's wickedly profane sense of humor shows her optimistic spirit rising above even the most depressing and difficult of times. Potty Mouth is gut wrenching, truthful and at times laugh out loud funny. It was written for the purpose of forgiving and healing Renae Clare's past and as such there are many things In Potty Mouth that she had never spoken of before beginning therapy. This inspiring book was written with the thought of helping not only herself but others to find the inner strength and inner peace necessary to get through the many obstacles she has come up against in her life. Although she has multiple sclerosis, Renae's triumphant spirit shines through and she is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Potty Mouth includes practical guides to finding help for disabled people and how to restore and keep self confidence and self worth. Renae Clare's book hides nothing.    

 Renae Clare

Having grown up on a farm in North Dakota and then moving to New York City and living there for 37 years has given Renae an unusual perspective on the world. She went to the University of North Dakota majoring in psychology and has had a myriad of jobs along the way including working in a flea market and part ownership in an antique shop in downtown Manhattan. Renae Clare is a writer and Potty Mouth is her first book. Since she has had multiple sclerosis for 40 years she now lives her life in a wheelchair and yet she is optimistic about the future and focuses on the things that she is able to do and not on the things that the disease has taken away. Her mission in life is to be of help to as many people as she is able. Renae Clare now lives with her daughter in CarrolltonTexas and has a son who lives in Houston, Texas.    

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Potty Mouth

I started reading the book at my desk at work. The first chapter had me in tears. I told my boss to read a few paragraphs. She agreed it was touching. I told her, I am going to have to take this home in private and read it. I read it in two days. I think Renae is one of the bravest people I have ever read about. I will be the first to tell you it should be a movie. Especially, with all these new folks being dx ed. The things she went through I dont think a normal person could go through much less a lady in a wheel chair. With strength and passion, she did it. Not only did she do it. Confined to a wheel chair, unable to move her left side ,she did it. This book has made me be able to endour the little trials I am facing giving my shots every other day. when I get down I think of Renae. I think how she handled her ex es, I think of how she handled herself when she was abused, I think of how she got any where she wanted to go by bus even being handicapped. I now know No Matter What life throws you you can make it work. You can not afford to not read this book... Lori Kiker, Phenix City, AL

This book is a gem on so many Levels!!

 Wonder what it's like to be a woman? What it's like to be a woman with Multiple Sclerosis, raising two children, entrepreneurial yet having the very body you inhabit betray you in several ways sometimes at the same time meanwhile marriages are dissolving before your very eyes?

OK, so that was a bit broad in statement scope but that is just a smidgen of the breadth of what the book entails. To have the courage to publish the relationships and trials that this book details makes Renae Clare a truly admirable woman and author! The language is just that - Potty Mouth - at times but it is at times justified, and in retrospect, understood as a coping mechanism of sorts. I highly recommend the book for a better understanding of what life with chronic autoimmune illness can be and how it may affect those persons with the disease as well as other persons in their life. I warn you though - you and anyone who begin to read this book will engulf it within hours!! -Allison  

 I just love this book

The book is about a woman who has Multiple Sclerosis, and the battle she has in order to raise her two children, and keep up with everything else in her daily life. I have MS, and Renae states it just as it is, and that is hard to find when most books are written by people who don't have the disease. It's also educational for the person who doesn't understand MS.

-KVanB Karen 





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  • Vinayak Pattar

    Though i have not read the book im still inspired by you. being a lifescience graduate i theoretically mean the difficulty of a sclerosis patient hats off to your effort madam. being a writer im inspired now im writing my first book and second story is ready. for my third you are inspiration.

    Thanking You

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