An adolescent love affair that turned into happily married with children is what my life story comprises. The added medical component serves only to fortify our foundation, and adjusts our priorities and perspectives.

I hope you find a little bit of yourself within the words I've written. I'm sure that the frustrations of your challenges, and elation of your joys, are similar to feelings you've had in your own journey. If not, you'll benefit from immersing yourself in new and different experiences.

I've written from my innermost sanctuary. I ask you to open your heart, open your mind, open your soul, and open the pages of this book.

When my body said NO!, my mind and soul said SO! Please allow yourself to let go, encourage yourself to grow, and ultimately look to your mind and soul, then say "So what? I might not have everything, but I do have something, therefore I can sew to repair, mend, create a new, and I can sow and spread and plant great things." We only travel this road once, so make it the adventure of a lifetime!

My wish for you is to become inspired to fly higher, for you and yours...as I have for me and mine.


About  Author Tracy A. Todd 

Tracy has lived with neurological illness since the tender age of twelve, but she thrives! This author, poet and MS Ambassador, excels despite suspected childhood epilepsy, adolescent acute migraines, and her more recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems, but prefers designing and creating art for arts' sake. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children, and fun-loving Rottie.







Through her courageous honesty, Tracy offers hope, strength and inspiration to those living with Multiple Sclerosis and their families, as well as to anyone who has ever faced challenges or adversity, which is all of us. I recommend this book for both the MS community and our entire world community, because it affirms the universal strength of the human spirit, as bravely told by one woman’s story.”

-Andrew Rose, LCSW Client Services Manager National MS Society, Northern CA Chapter




"When the Body Says NO-

A Learn, Laugh, Love Story"

is a memoir that engages the reader with the same captivating flow, drama and suspense of a best-selling novel.

Author, Tracy A. Todd developed pseudo names as a veil of anonymity, which enabled her to narrate thirty years of living in an open, honest, intimate voice.

The story opens with a life-altering event that would have squelched the spirit of most, but not Tesh, a little school girl, with big neurological problems.

You’ll sit at her bedside when she’s undergoing tests that no twelve-year old should have to experience. You’ll dance with her as she celebrates a significant birthday, and you’ll cry when…

This narrative provides a unique perspective of a remarkable life. Yes, there are medical challenges, struggles even, but they only add depth to the journey. The strength within the pages is the transparency of her relationships with her family, friends, and health care professionals. Equally valuable is the endearing relationship that Tesh develops with herself that enables the reader and Tesh to evolve together; a growth that occurs from the inside out.

This book does not offer advice; instead, the memoir shares one woman’s solutions to a myriad of life’s conflicts.

When the Body Says No – A Learn, Laugh, Love Story is not another ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ book. This heartfelt account provides much more nourishment for a healthy, hearty appetite. Within the pages of this book, the author serves full five-course meals, followed by an evening stroll, before sitting and sipping a hot toddy in front of a fire. You’ll leave satisfied, full, eagerly anticipating your next invitation to her home.


Love to another MS hero!

Thanks for bearing your soul to the world. I spent an entire night reading but at 3:00 am I felt I better sleep. When I woke up very energized which at this time has been difficult I immediately finished reading. I have had MS for 12 years and it was a true blessed gift from God. It changed my life for the better. Your story is an inspiration to me and has given me a boost to write my complicated life story because your book made me feel unique and special. You understand all of life's complicated challenges and have persevered. Everyone who knows someone with MS needs to read you book. It is the most inspirational book written about MS I have read. You were straight forward and honest about how it affects everyone in your life but you do not dwell on the negatives but instead encourage you to see the positives of life. It is uplifting not depressing. Way to go! You exemplify how individuals need to view their MS and how others also should. I loved how you understood he the dynamics changed in all you'd relationships but you are not bitter instead sad but empathetic. It has already helped me understand the loss of 2 best friends after 24 years of friendship due to my complicated life with ME. I know realize I need to forgive and remember the good times and understand it is hard for loved ones to deal with chronic diseases. Thank you for sharing and inviting me into your very personal but beautiful life. God Bless you and your loved ones and care team. Hopefully you will see my life story in the future.

-Anne Hallgren

A Must Read!

I cannot imagine getting on with my life after receiving a life-altering diagnosis of a disease with no cure. But Tracy Todd has managed to write a book full of laughter, love and acceptance.
Congratulations to Ms Todd on finding the "good" in a "bad" situation and for writing this wonderful memoir. It's a lesson we can all take home with us.

 -Lauren DuBois (France) 

An Experience to Remember

This book took me back to times, places and landmarks from years past. At the same time, I had the awesome opportunity and experience of living through a child's eyes through womanhood. You couldn't help but admire the little girl that was determined to know "why". Why she was having health issues and why wasn't there more information. I had an opportunity to see and feel an inner strength through someone who went through more than the average person should have to. But I was encouraged through her faith, her family and her love for not just herself, but everyone who was blessed to be in her presence.If you haven't read "When the Body Says No", you are missing out on a treat. Yes, there were times I needed to put it down and marinate on what I had just read, but I HAD to pick it back up to find out how this woman of God was handling the next phase or situation.

Tracy A. Todd is a promising budding author. I look forward to her next tome and look even more forward to reading it on kindle. 

-Lisa Van Zevern (Hayward, ca) 

Resilience in the face of adversity!,

This book is a must read. The author artfully, humorously, and insightfully describes her journey through life with a chronic medical condition. She entertains with her vivacious wit, while relating how she has lived with neurological conditions since her early teens. The author faces her medical challenges with a positive and inspirational attitude. Indeed, everyone faces unique challenges and one burdened with a chronic medical condition does not necessarily have it worse than anyone else. Nobody would choose to live with a chronic medical condition, but if that is what life has dealt you, make the most of it. The book also describes how a loving and caring spouse, with a good sense of humor, can help to make the journey quite enjoyable. She also describes the extra stresses that her condition placed on her marriage, but how working through those stresses with a loving partner, has made their marriage stronger. This book is a thoroughly enjoyable, inspirational, and incredibly revealing story.

When the Body Says NO

Tracy writes her story as Tesh, beginning at the tender age of ten, attending a parochial school a city bus ride away from her home. As an academically talented sixth grader, Tesh unexpectedly experiences an episode of what is thought to be epilepsy. Half of her body is numb, and she has fainted in the classroom, causing quite a stir and resulting in an ambulance ride to the local hospital. In the days long before MRIs were available, the best medical assessment could be obtained with CT scans.Tesh returns to school after a few days of tests and consults, with the diagnosis of epilepsy and a prescription of Dilantin, a medication she is all too familiar with, as her mother cares for disabled adults and administers their medications to them each evening, sometimes with Tesh's assistance. Tesh is then determined to learn all she can about epilepsy, and in the days before internet searches, her thirst for knowledge takes her to the public library. Equipped with the knowledge found in encyclopediae and medical books, she formulates some questions for her next doctor appointment. And while her aunt is impressed with her independent search for knowledge, her mother is scandalized to think that a ten year old would pose questions of her doctor!

Years pass, Tesh marries her high school sweetheart after college, and they begin a family. More symptoms arise, more tests are done, and Tesh is left in the land of the unnamed disease. She moves her research toward multiple sclerosis and demyelination, as she has been made aware of these potential labels after having early MRIs, at first in a cold mobile trailer attached to the hospital. After several years new and disabling symptoms and more tests, she is finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her husband then becomes her caregiver, and despite his own needle-phobia takes on the role of injecting his wife. He, and their two young children, learn with Tesh about multiple sclerosis.

But this story is more than a chronicle of diagnosis and treatments. This is a story of family and love. In it, Tracy Todd tells of the strengths needed and developed, and of the resources sought and found. When she finds a neurologist who specializes in patients of African American descent who have multiple sclerosis, she realizes that she is finally in the right place, medically. And when she and her family find a support group of others with multiple sclerosis, they realize they have found an extended family.

Faith in God the Father is a strong thread in this family's story. Tesh often stops in the midst of despair and confusion to pray, and ask for guidance. She also prays to ask the question all people who live with multiple sclerosis ask: Why has this happened to us? Why has it happened to our families? She listens carefully for answers, and watches attentively for signs. And she learns that patience and trust must go hand in hand with faith.

-Terry (GEORGETOWN, MA, United States)








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