You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self Understanding









You-niversal Self-care:

Improved Health Through Self Understanding


Body-typing is a centuries-old concept used to understand the uniqueness of the individual through metaphor with the elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. This traditional tool is brought to new light in the self-empowering book, You-niversal Self-care. The author illustrates the qualities of each Body-type and gives insight to what leads each type to feel imbalanced. She also explains the food choices, daily habits and categories of exercise that lead each type to feel more balanced and experience more vitality in every-day life. While reading this book you will interpret the roles each element plays in your life and will feel more empowered to understand yourself, others and situations through the wise perspective of this Body-typing system.







About Author Tara Baklund

Author Tara Baklund

Author Tara Baklund


Empowering Self-Healing . .  Teaching Self-Compassion

As a youngster Tara experienced the hardships of poor and degrading health that most people do not face until they are in their 50's and 60's. She was overweight, had a chronic and extremely painful skin condition, and experienced what would now be labeled as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease and anxiety.

Now in her early 30's, she feels many times healthier than when she was 18 and is happy to share the secrets that helped her to obtain and maintain a healthy weight; as well as to feel energetic, balanced and content in life. 

In her book, Tara explains the topic she is most sought after to teach . . . Body-typing! Learn which Body-type you most resemble, and the foods and the exercises that balance each Body-type.

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Favorite Quotes:

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

We are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass






You-Niversal Self-Care

Tara's book, `You-niversal Self-care', has provided an insightful view on how I look at myself. I would often look at myself and try to determine why I was slightly out of balance, either physically or mentally. After reading Tara's book, I am able to look at the different aspects of my life and understand how I have been fighting myself. I now have a clearer path on how work with myself to be the best me. -By secondshutter 

I was stunned

After re-reading Tara's book You-niversal Selfcare, I was in full agreement with the idea of learning about myself and that it is ok to tell the practitioners that I see, what I think. I am the only person that really know what's going on with me.  -By JAaron





Aloha Healing WomenAloha Healing Women Radio

Aloha Healing Women Radio is based on the practices of Aloha Healing Women retreats which have been operating successfully since 1999. We will start with three regularly scheduled radio shows- "Healing what's eating you' is based on my holistic self help book by the same title. We will be discussing a broad spectrum of topics which will include eating disorders, grief, abuse recovery, positive thinking and many arenas of holistic healing. It will air on Thursdays at 9 pm EST, 6 pm West Coast and 3 pmHawaii time. , Our second show is called "Beyond" and is based on my books "Experiencing life after death - a soul journey" and "Talking to the living and the dead- soul to soul communications" which deal with my spiritual hypnotherapy work with after death progression, angels, communicating with lost loved ones, ghosts, exorcisms and well so much more! BEYOND show time is 3 pm Hawaii time, 6 pm West Coast, 8 pm Central and 9 pm EST. We will be inviting guests to share their talents and knowledge on all our shows so you can learn even more and ask questions of me or my guests.Out third show starts right after BEYOND and is DREAMTIME which highlights my book "Dream Analysis Handbook" and will help the listener better understand their dreams and by doing so better understand their waking life. DREAM TIME will air on Fridays at 4 pm Hawaii time, 7 pm West Coast time, 8 pm Mountain and 10 pm EST Come join us on Dream Time, Healing what's eating you and Beyond and listen, learn and laugh with us! Aloha and blessings Keala 



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